What Are Stitch Braids

<h1>You may be wondering what are stitch braids and how to do them. Stitch braids come from the cornrow family and resemble the thick and thin styled cornrows. They are typically seen in African American hair but are embraced by all cultures around the world. <h1>


African American women have been wearing cornrows for ages. Yet, stitch braids are a fairly new trend. Although the style hasn’t been around long, it’s taking the world by storm. You can find hair braiders that understand how to do stitch braids or you can take a stab at the style on your own.

How To Do Stich Braids

First, let’s start with what you will need:

<h2>If you’re wondering how to do stitch braids then listen up. Part your hair as if you’re going to do cornrows.  Divide the parted sections of hair into smaller sections. If you are a beginner, you can use rubber bands to define your sections. Braid your hair back as if you’re doing cornrows.<h2>



The holding pomade should be applied to every section of hair.  It will keep the hair in place. You can also use the hair rubber bands to help define the stitched look or you can use a rattail comb or your finger like in the earlier video.

<h3>The goal to stitch braids is the razor sharp edges. There are many resources out there to help you achieve that look. However, if you really want some amazing stitch braids, find a stylist who is skilled at doing them. You can’t go wrong there. Join the hair fashion trend and try stitch braids.<h3>

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