What Are Box Braids

<h1>Are you wondering what are box braids? Box braids are a protective African American hairstyle worn by mainly ethnic women.  The hair is parted into sections, in the shape of a square, and many times hair extensions are added to create medium to large sized braids.  Sometimes stylist use triangle parts as displayed in the video below.<h1>



In addition to box braids being used for protective styling, they are also versatile.  The women who wear them can do a number of different looks with them. They can pull the braids up into a full ponytail. They can also put them in a bun. Some women like to wear half of their box braids up and half of them down.

<h2>If you are wondering “how to do my own box braids” check out the video below. You’ll discover how to cleanse and prepare synthetic hair for your box braids. You’ll learn how to attach synthetic hair to your own hair for a thicker and fuller braided look.<h2>



Grab What You Need To Do Box Braids.

  1. Kanekalone Braiding Hair
  2. Hair Clips
  3.  Edge Control

Box braids can be worn year round. They don’t require your hair to be chemically straightened or anything. The braids can last for one to three months with very little maintenance. Another great thing about box braids is that they are easy to remove. Unlike micro braids, they can be taken out in under two hours with little hair shedding.

<h3>One thing to keep in mind with box braids is to remove them on time. Because these braids are thicker and heavier, they will weigh down your new growth and could break your hair off if worn too long. Once the braids can twist and turn around your new growth, you should take them down.<h3>

Do you want to try box braids? You can take a stab at doing your own box braids, or you can find a stylist to do them for you. However, you’ll enjoy this beautiful style. They don’t take long to install or remove and there is so much that you can do with box braids.





Hopefully,  you’ve found a lot of great information about box braids and how to do them. Don’t forget to download the curly hair guide, so you can learn more about your African American hair curl pattern for, even more, hair success.

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