The Curly Girl Hair Guide Know Your Curl Pattern

Are you looking for ways to manage and grow your African American curly hair? The Curly Hair Guide can help. Today is all about how to know your curl pattern.


Contrary to popular belief, all hair isn’t created equal. Understanding your hair strands and hair density can truly help you in your African American hair journey.  When you know your curl pattern, you can customize a hair care plan that works for you.  The chart below can help you pick out your exact curl pattern so we can customize your hair needs.

According to the chart (Type 1) means your hair is straight and has very little kinks and curls. It’s easy to comb, but also easy to over manipulate in an attempt to get volume.  You probably find it difficult to get your hair to hold curls. If your hair is a type (1)  then stay away from heavy oil-based shampoos and products. These products will only weigh your hair down and make it much harder for you to hold curls.

If your curl pattern resembles (Type 2) on the chart then it’s naturally wavy. Your hair is a balancing act between straight and curly wave patterns.  Your hair is more likely to frizz and requires the perfect balance of moisture and shine to prevent frizziness. You need hair products that won’t weigh your hair down but will keep it moisturized.

Does your curl pattern look similar to type (3) on the chart? If so, it has a very defined loose or tight curl pattern.  Excessive heat causes your hair to frizz or dry out. Your hair needs the correct balance of moisture and shine too.  You can use many of the same products as a type 2 curl pattern. However, your hair may need additional moisture to maintain your defined curls.

If your curl pattern resembles type (4) on the chart, it’s kinky curly and needs a lot of moisture.  Properly moisturizing your strands to maintain your hair’s elasticity is key to its maintenance and growth. Paying attention to your hair’s moisture levels can prevent breakage and major shrinkage too. You’ll need moisture-rich products to keep your hair hydrated without wearing it down.

The number one step to beautiful curly girl hair is to know your curl pattern. Once you know your curl pattern, you can customize your hair care plan. When you have a great hair plan for your hair type, managing your hair will be easier.  You’ll also discover that you have healthier hair.

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Long gone are the days of being stuck with what your mama gave you. You can use various hair extensions to create the exact curly hair pattern you want and love.  Go ahead and try something new, but don’t forget to take special care of your birthday locks too.


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