African American Hair Products, Supplements, & More

Find the right products and supplements to help your African American Hair thrive.  I've also included hair extension options for creating protective styles to help maintain your hair length.

Hair Health Supplements

To promote healthy hair growth 

There are tons of options out there, but I've only placed vitamins in the store that I've actually used.  All of the protein & collagen powders were researched too. I wouldn't recommend trying everything together but pick what works best for you.

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Hair Health Products

To strengthen and retain length 

Here are some products that appear to be great for African American Hair. I have not tried a lot of these, but I've researched them and picked the ones with the most reliable reviews. I have tried Carols Daughter which worked great. For oils, I  stick to olive and castor oils, but I plan to add the Chebe Powder too.

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Hair Extensions

For protective styling 

Hair extensions can help you create beautiful protective styles. Protective styles stop the daily manipulation of the hair that causes it to break. Here are some extension options and brands that I've used or researched. Many options have reviews to help you decide what will work best for you.

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This is should be a no-brainer, but purchasing hair care supplements and products can get pricey. Discover how I leverage the internet for BIG profits.