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Growing healthy strong hair depends on more than products alone but the actual nutrition you receive each day. Did you know that your body consumes its necessary nutrients & only what's left over goes to your


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Although you can't solely depend on products for healthy strong hair growth, they can help you maintain and protect your hair health. Good products help moisturize and soften your hair to prevent



Don't think you have to wear the same style every day.  Sometimes adding hair extensions through braiding, crochets, or sewing can help protect your hair and maintain its


The Big Chop To Start Waist Length Hair Journey

So I Did The Big Chop!

Yes, about 4 or more inches of dead hair is gone. My hair was extremely dry and shedding so I went to the salon for a wash, shampoo, cut, and blowout. Yes, I'm looking kind of crazy in this picture, but this is the reality.  I will be documenting my journey to waist length hair. Out with the old and in with the new.

The [Steps] I'll be taking next

Next, I'll be getting a great line of supplements and products to promote strong and healthy hair growth. The supplements I'll be using are Zurvita, Maximum Living Mineral Rich, Protein Powder, and New Chapter Women's Vitamins, and Neocell Super Power Collagen. The hair products I'll be using are Chebee Powder, Olive Oil, 100% Alo Vera Gel, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and homemade fermented rice water.

Chebe Powder

Next Steps...

This should be a no-brainer, but I'm going to need a good supply of resources and time to take this hair journey and record the process. See how I earn a generous income online.