Quick Protective Style Halo Braids

This Week I’m Wearing Quick Protective Style Halo Braids.

What protective style are you wearing this week? Add comments and images below.

Halo braids have been a staple go-to style for my African American hair while I’m in-between hairstyles.  It’s simply 2 jumbo braids tucked under.  I’ve created this style both with and without hair weave.  I honestly like my Halo Braids best with the hair weave.

I like my braids big and juicy, so I add synthetic Kanekalon fiber to pump-up the look. I  keep my Halo Braids in for two weeks before taking them down. The braids look nice, and they also keep me from over manipulating my hair on a daily basis.

It takes me about 30 minutes to complete the look and about 10 minutes to take it down.  I’m not making how-to videos yet, but I’ve embedded one that I found on the internet below.  She is using her own hair in the video. However, if you want them thicker, just add hair as you go.



I thin my extensions out towards the end to make them easier to tuck. If you add extensions to your Halo Braids, remember to start with your natural hair.  After braiding a little with your natural hair, add medium sized sections of synthetic fibers about a fourth of the way around your head. Later, add thicker pieces until you start nearing the end of your neck. Finally, add a smaller section to thin out the braid to make it easier to tuck.

I’ve already told you I’m wearing Halo Braids this week. What styles are you wearing? How do you protect your hair? Let’s continue this hair conversation in the comments below.  See you there!


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