Normal Porosity Hair Regimen


Normal porosity hair is usually healthy, shiny, and has lots of volume.  If you have normal porosity hair, then your hair can both absorb and maintain moisture.  There’s a simple test that you can perform to find out if you have normal porosity hair.



The Spray Bottle Test

  1.  Pull all of your hair up except a small section
  2. Spray the section of hair just a little bit
  3. If the water sits on top of your hair and beads up, you have low porosity hair
  4. If your hair absorbs the water quickly, you have high porosity hair
  5. If the water sits on your hair for a few minutes. then absorb the water, you have normal porosity hair.


So, I looked hard for a video on normal porosity hair.  Here’s what I discovered, normal porosity hair is compliant with pretty much any routine.  You have to decide what works best for you. However, I’d like to introduce you to the 21st Century Natural Woman. Perhaps you’ve seen her online before. Yet, if you’re looking for great hair care tips to both grow and strengthen your hair listen to her.




She has an amazing natural hair care line. Check it out HERE.  Your hair is normal, so whatever you’re doing is working. Just keep doing it. If you want to add some more amazing products to your regimen I recommend these.  




Don’t forget to grab your curly hair guide, so you can learn more about your African American hair curl pattern.



To Your Success


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