New Studies Reveal Dangerous Chemicals Found In African American Hair Products Link To Disease

<h1>New studies reveal that chemicals and toxins found in African American hair products may be dangerous.  These dangerous chemicals could be linked to weight gain, asthma, fibroids, and fertility problems.<h1>



Among these studies, Silent Spring Institute conducted a survey to discover the primary products that African American women like to use on their hair. After the survey, the commonly used products were tested for toxicity levels and more.  They discovered that of those products, many of them contained chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is important because of its ability to regulate the metabolism and reproductive system.

<h2>Some of the commonly used products were relaxers, hot oil treatments, leave in conditioners, and hair lotions. Over 80% of the African American hair care products listed did not have the various chemicals and toxins recorded on the label.<h2>

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The biggest concern stemmed from what was on the label. Many of the products did contain methyl, diethyl, and phthalate.  Many product consumers were unaware that phthalate is an acid compound that gives off toxic gases when burned.

Since the highest level of these acids was found in hair lotions,  the concern was that many African American women used these hair lotions when flat ironing their hair.  Flatirons produce heat, when these parabens come in contact with heat, they become a toxic gas.


<h3>Another huge concern was how these hair care products affect young African American girls. “Many of the Hair relaxers for children contained at least 5 of the chemicals regulated by California’s Proposition 65 [a 1986 law enacted to protect drinking water from the state from the contamination known to cause cancer and reproductive issues].” In fact, these harmful chemicals found in relaxers for little African American girls weren’t on the label of ingredients.<h3>

When product targeted to black women were compared to those targeted to white woman the difference was astonishing.  Higher levels of Parabens were found in those targeted to black women.  Yet, all women should read labels and be cautious as to how many toxins and chemicals are in their hair products.

Studies revealed that the toxins in African American hair products can be linked to the large rate of asthma, early menstruation in black girls, fertility issues, fibroids, premature births,  obesity, and breast cancer.

The studies from Silent Springs Institute, Black Women for Wellness, and others reveal that health should take precedence over well-groomed hair. You can honestly achieve a great hairstyle using more natural products.  You may want to read the label of your favorite hair products to see if they contain methyl, diethyl, phthalate or other parabens.

I’ve put together a list of great and more natural hair care products that you can access HERE.  However, consider what works best for your hair and your health. You should consider your hair porosity and texture to determine the right product for you. What works for you may not work for your daughter or your friend because we all have different hair types. However, be sure to share this article with them so that they can be sure to consider the kind of products they are using. You can CLICK HERE for some more natural hair care options.


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