Low Porosity Hair Regimen


You may be wondering, what is hair porosity? Hair porosity “refers to how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture.  When you know your hair’s porosity, you can develop a hair regimen that works well for it.


So, let’s test the porosity of your hair!

  1. Grab a bowl and fill it with room temperature water
  2. Grab about 3 strands of clean hair. Be sure your hair isn’t oily or wet because you may not get accurate results.
  3. Watch the hair for 3-5 minutes
  4. If your hair sinks fast, then you’ve got high porosity hair.  This means your hair absorbs moisture fast.
  5.  If your hair is still floating at the end of 5 minutes, you have low porosity hair.  Low porosity hair doesn’t absorb moisture easily.
  6. If your hair is sinking slowly, you have normal porosity hair. Moisture penetrates your hair at a normal absorbency rate.


In this article, we’ll focus on caring for low porosity hair. If you have low porosity hair, your cuticles are closed and moisture doesn’t enter your hair shaft easily. Your hair is moisture resistant. You’ve probably notice that your hair is harder to color or products seem to sit on top of your hair versus penetrating your hair.  Your hair takes a long time to dry and lacks volume and elasticity.

Caring for your low porosity hair can be challenging, but if you get it right; you’ll be amazed at the results! Heat will open your hair cuticles so that moisture can get in. Putting on a heat cap after applying your conditioners and moisturizer will help the moisture penetrate the hair shaft.


You can also wrap your hair in a hot towel after applying conditioner to get extra moisture to your hair.  Accessive build up on low porosity hair makes it more difficult for moisture to pass through.  Both clay and apple cider vinegar helps with the removal of excess oils.

Mandy has a lot of tips for low porosity hair. I’ve tried a lot of these techniques and they work great.  I especially love the natural product regimens.  However, try only one regiment at a time to see how your hair responds to it.



Products tend to build up on low porosity hair.  You don’t want to overload it with too much product at one time. Cleanse your hair before starting a new hair care regimen. Try a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your scalp because it, slightly, opens your hair cuticles and allows moisture in.



Don’t forget to take the hair porosity test. If your hair is low porosity then it’s going to take a little extra work to moisturize it.  Hopefully,  you’ve found a lot of tips and products that will help your hair thrive. Don’t forget to download the curly hair guide, so you can learn more about your curl pattern for, even more, hair success.

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