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Do You Recommend Products To Get Paid?

Yes and No. Yes, I do earn affiliate commissions from Amazon and other companies if you use my links to purchase products, supplements, or hair extensions ext. No, I do not recommend things that I haven't tried, don't plan to try, or haven't researched. However, as a consumer, you should conduct proper research before making purchases. Also, because all hair is different your results may not be exactly like mines, but I will always be up-front and honest about my experience with various hair products.

Are your affiliate sales your primary source of income?

No, my primary source of income comes from helping people leverage the internet for profits. As an Online Business Strategist, I create courses, do one-on-one coaching, and cultivate membership sites to help others make their lifestyle business dreams come true.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions about information on our site. However, we are not licensed cosmetologist, and we do not own products offered by Amazon or other vendors. Therefore, we cannot give hair advice beyond our personal experiences nor can we provide refunds on products that we do not own. All shipping, tax, warranty, refund, and policy questions should be directed to the vendor in which your product was purchased. However, if you'd like to try Tdaviscoles Online Services Coaching Program CLICK HERE, we respond to policy inquiries related to coaching, courses, and services we own. However, if you have questions about information on this site CLICK HERE.