Micro Braids Straight Human Hair

My Approach

It's important that you know that I'm not a licensed cosmetologist nor am I an expert at giving hair advice. I'm only sharing my personal hair journey along with other inspirational African American hair stories that I find online. The goal is to recap my African American hair care journey while recording the process of growing waist length hair. I plan to focus less on the tiny microbraids that I've worn for nearly 2 decades and more on bigger braids for protective styles to see how much progress my hair makes in health, strength, and length.

My Story

Managing my African American hair has been quite a journey. I remember those good old hot comb days with the blue magic hair grease. I'd get my hair washed, greased, and hot combed and was forbidden to go near water or dirt.

Later, I noticed that some of the black girls at school had straight hair and they could get it wet then blow dry it back straight. This led me to my relaxer phase and my addiction to creamy hair crack.

After suffering from the chemical induced scalp sores, hair loss, hair thinning, and breakage I decided to dump my creamy hair crack and start braiding my hair. Braiding my hair gave me the freedom I needed. Because I didn't have to dread combing my hair every day. Yet, over time, my hair began to grow too long for small braids, and I had to cut my natural hair in order to wear the fake hair.

What About Today

These days I wear my hair in the big twist, cornrows, crochets, and natural blowouts.  Honestly, my hair goals have changed.  I no longer desire to cut my hair to prevent it from messing up the flow of my micros. I'd like to grow my hair out waist length and connect with others in the process.

Jumbo Twist Bob Marley Hair

Jumbo Twist

Style by Brianna Simmons 

Tdaviscole's hair is braided into jumbo twist using Bob Marley hair. Additional Image 1

Corn Rows With Human Hair

Loose End Cornrows

Style By Teresa Cole

Tdaviscole's hair braided into cornrows using human wet and wavy hair.  Additional Image 1

Crochet Twisted Curl

Curly Twist Crochet

Style By Laushunda 

A curly twist crochet. Two-toned color and soft bonce looked.  Additional Image 1

Next Steps...

Find out the best products for African American growth, style, and maintenance.