3 Helpful Tips For Managing African American Kids Hair


Managing your child’s African American hair can be a challenging, but joyous adventure.  Depending on the type of hair your child has, you may need some helpful tips to maintain it.


The # 1 Tip is to know your child’s hair type.  There are various African American hair patterns. Each hair pattern needs a different hair care regimen.  This guide will break-down the various hair types and the specific hair care needs.


Tip # 2 is ask questions.  If you notice a child’s hair looking nice, ask the child’s parents about the hair care products they are using. Many times engaging with other parents who are managing African American hair can evoke a  rewarding conversation loaded with good hair tips. Open up the dialogue, and see what your peers are doing for maintaining healthy locks.



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Tip # 3 keep the hair moisturized based on your child’s hair type. For instance, type 2 hair needs less moisture than type 4 hair. You cannot treat them alike. They are not the same. Maintaining the proper amount of moisture can truly help your child’s African American hair thrive.


Overall, just have fun trying new things with your child’s hair. I don’t mean playing around with harmful chemicals, but trying new styles, and being open to building a good hair care regimen.  Once you truly understand their hair pattern, chat with a few friends, and find the right moisture balance for your child’s hair, managing the various curl patterns of African American won’t seem so challenging.

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