Micro Braiding

Micro braiding has been a staple protective style for me. I've enjoyed this light-weight and free-flowing hairstyle for over

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Textured Blow-Out

Typically after taking down micros that have been in my hair forever, I get a very light texturizer to stretch out and manage my hair. Lately, I've been

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Managing Braids

Don't think that micro braids can go unmanaged. I keep my scalp clean with dry shampoo techniques. I also keep my

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Beautiful Hair

I love my, African American, kinky hair. It has a very strong and coarse texture. It has a few different colors, black, brown, red, and yes grey. Yet, it's my hair.

I can do different styles with it like braiding, blow-outs, and twists. It's just a lot of fun and it's interesting to plan new styles and have a variety of options.

Please don't expect me to look like these photos because I do not. Some of the photos I will be sharing are older as some are more up-to-date. I recently decided to grow my hair waist length and thought it would be nice to share the journey of where my hair started and the process of getting my hair where I want it to be.

I found some great pictures that are great for telling the story of my African American hair journey and I will be sharing more pictures, videos, and tips throughout the process.


Next Steps...

See the products I've used for my African American hair care, growth, & maintenance.